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Bias point - promo - May 2004

mini-CD, 21 minutes, 5 tracks

This promo is a collection of the most recent singles by Sixty-Seven, and probably some of the strongest tracks among his production. It contains the brand new single "Bias point" which is available only within this CD. If you are interested, write to Sixty-Seven (see Info & contact).


1.Pebbly Loop -a.k.a. PebLoDownload (10.3 Mb)
2.Bias point<== NEW!!
3.Lethal InjectionDownload (7.74 Mb)Download demo(287 kb)
4.CausticsDownload (6.37 Mb)Download demo(288 kb)
5.Shadow of EvilDownload (5.11 Mb)Download demo (240 kb)

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