This page lists Sixty-Seven's current projects. In each project info page you will find downloadable mp3 files of singles belonging to that project.

At the end of this page some more singles are listed, which still do not have a sure collocation in any definite project.

"Lethal Injection" motion picture soundtrack

Released singles: Track One; Shadow of Evil.

The Dual Band project

by Sixty-Seven and Shagoo-Rah

Released singles: Pebbly Loop; Bias point

Other singles

WithoutDownload (8.79 Mb)Download demo (405 kb)
CausticsDownload (6.37 Mb)Download demo (288 kb)

«The following two singles are totally different in sound and style from all the other music you can find in this site. They belong to a more soft and intimistic branch of my music production, which I usually sign with my real name rather than with the pseudonym of Sixty-Seven, and which includes much more music that is not published in this site. I include them here because theu are quite recent, because I consider them worth sharing with people, and because I don't have a web site dedicated to that part of my music yet.»

Matteo Sisti Sette - Song of departureDownload (7.03 Mb)Demo (299 kb)
Matteo Sisti Sette - In the domain of timeDownload (6.8 Mb)Demo (245 kb)

Before you download any song, you MUST read the copyright notice and download conditions. By downloading any file you agree to observe the conditions stated there.

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